A Business Born in the Bakery

In 1987, European baker Johann Wewalka started selling his family’s traditional pastries in a small bakery outside of Vienna, Austria. Business was good, and word traveled quickly about his delicious baked items. At the request of some of his loyal customers, Johann would occasionally give out scraps of leftover dough, enabling them to bake their own pastries at home. It didn't take long before a line of patrons began forming outside the bakery at the end of each workday, all asking for his fresh dough scraps.

Voila! The demand for fresh dough was born. Following a considerable amount of work to ensure a refrigerated product could meet his high bakery standards, Mr. Wewalka introduced his line of packaged dough in 1994.

For the Love of Food

Good food does more than delight the taste buds. Baking opens hearts and opens conversations. The pleasure of eating, as well as preparing, great-tasting food is what brings people together and heightens our human experience.

Wewalka is passionate about providing delicious and beautifully made food. Our products can be served at every meal occasion and are best shared with the people that are important to us. By paring convenience with these traditional authentic tastes, our inspired offerings will help you express your love and encourage you to explore new culinary creations.


What Keeps Us Cooking

Today, Wewalka is still a family-run company driven by a passion for good food and good living. We actively listen to our consumers, our customers and our employees, to offer the best baking solutions available. That is why we only use the highest quality ingredients and produce all of our products using clean, renewable energy. We never compromise our recipes by including bromated or bleached flour, animal by-products, high-fructose corn syrup or hydrogenated oil. And we remain committed to producing all of our products in a sustainable and responsible way.