FAQs - Feel free to ask us how much Dough we are making

Dough / Ingredients

Is the product halal?

All out Iranian dough product are considered halal.

Do you offer whole grain dough?

Wewalka is also offering wholegrain dough products, for more information take a look under “Products”.

Is the product suitable for Vegetarians?

Yes, all Wewalka Dough options can be used by vegetarians.

Is the product suitable for Vegans?

Yes, most of our dough products can be used by vegans. Doughs where milk is used are however not suitable.

Is the dough organic?

Our dough is made of premium ingredients, but cannot be claimed organic.

Is the dough gluten-free?

As we use high-quality wheat flour as a main ingredient in our dough, it is not gluten-free.

Will the dough tear?

If it is left on the parchment paper and unrolled, normally it shouldn’t tear.

How long will the baked dough last in the refrigerator?

This really depends on the other ingredients used in your pastry or dish. But we hope there will not be many leftovers, anyway ;-)

What size is the dough, exactly?

  • Chicago Style Pizza Size = 24 x 36 cm
  • Rome Style Pizza Size = 26 cm (diameter)
  • Milfoy Size = 24 x 36 cm
  • Croissant Size = 11 x 22 x 35 cm (hexagon)
  • Tart Size = 32 cm (diameter)

What size pizza or pastry does it make? How many does it serve?

  • Chicago Style Pizza fits on a standard rectangular baking sheet. It serves up to 3-4.
  • Rome Style Pizza is about 26 cm (diameter), and fits best on a pizza pan. It serves up to 1-2.
  • Both, Milfoy and Croissant dough fit on a standard rectangular baking sheet. They serve up to 3 (or according to your recipe).
  • Tart (Quiche) dough needs to be done in a round format baking pan to get best results. It serves up to 4-6.

Can Milfoy dough be used for sweet or savory recipes?

Puff pastry is our “all-rounder” and can be used for delicious savory and sweet meals. Check out our recipe section for inspirations. www.wewalka.at

Can Tart (Quiche) dough be used for sweet or savory recipes?

Tart (Quiche) dough is our “all-rounder” and can be used for delicious savory and sweet meals. Check out our recipe section for inspirations. www.wewalka.at

Which dough contains yeast?

Our Pizza-, Croissant and Sausage doughs contain yeast. It has been used by artisan bakers for centuries to make the dough rise.

What is the real difference between Puff Pastry Dough and Croissant Dough?

Puff Pastry Dough consists of 64 ultra-thin layers of dough and does not contain yeast. Croissant dough is similar: it is made of layered dough (less layers) and additionally uses yeast for rising.

Why isn’t your flour “enriched”?

Competitive products use “enriched flour bleached.” We use natural “wheat flour,” because we believe bleaching agents aren’t necessary and lead to a less wholesome and healthy product.

What is sodium acid pyrophosphate, and why is it used?

It is one part of the raising agent that is used in combination with baking soda so the dough can rise to the best results.

What is ascorbic acid?

It is a naturally occurring ingredient that helps mixing the dough and strengthens it.

What are Mono- and Diglycerides?

They are emulsifiers that help materials which don’t naturally mix well together, mix together smoothly.

Can you tell me if any of your products contain, may contain or are processed in the same lines as peanuts or tree nuts?

None of our products contain any kind of nuts or are being produced in lines where nuts are processed. If you have a nut-like allergy, you still can use our dough without a doubt. Check out some recipes on our website: www.wewalka.at

Does your dough contain allergens such as gluten, dairy, eggs, soy and nuts?

  • Our Rome and Chicago Style Pizza dough contains wheat and milk.
  • Our Croissant dough contains wheat, and milk.
  • Our Puff Pastry and Tart dough contains wheat, and may contain traces of milk.

None of our products contains any kind of nuts (peanuts or tree nuts), eggs or soy, nor are nuts, eggs or soy processed in our facility.


Can I eat the raw dough?

Please, do not eat raw dough. It is really much nicer when baked ;-)

Do I need to roll the dough with a rolling pin?

Just unroll the dough with the baking paper. It is already made to the perfect size and thickness, and can be baked with the paper.

How do I know how thick the dough should be?

It is already rolled on baking paper to the perfect thickness. Just unroll with the baking paper on a baking tray/sheet.

How do I prepare the baking pan?

Preparation isn’t necessary, you don’t need cooking spray either. Just roll out the dough on the pan with the baking paper, and the dough is ready to bake. Baking paper is oven safe up to 260 °C.

On which oven rack do I place the pan?

Always place it in the middle rack of the oven, unless otherwise required by your recipe.

How can I make the product more golden brown?

Baste the dough with egg wash prior to baking. To make egg wash: mix 1 raw egg and 2 tbsp. of water and beat with a fork or egg whisk.

How can I reheat a pastry on the next day?

For it to be perfect again, heat it up in a preheated oven for a couple of minutes. It will be crisp and deliciously smelling, just as you love it. Do not use a microwave to reheat; this will make the dough floppy.

Which is the perfect heat for baking the dough?

  • Regular gas oven: Chicago Style/Rome Style Pizza and Milfoy pastry at 220°C, Croissant Dough at 200°C, Tart Dough at 180°C
  • Convection oven: Chicago Style/Rome Style Pizza and Milfoy pastry at 200°C, Croissant Dough at 180°C, Tart Dough at 170°C

How long do I let the baked dough cool before removing from the pan?

Because the dough is baked on baking paper, you can remove from the pan immediately. It will not stick to the pan.

Can the dough be baked in the microwave?

Microwave use is not suitable for raw dough. A toaster oven can be used, but should be monitored as baking times will be longer than stated for conventional or convection ovens.

What is the advantage of baking the dough on baking paper?

The advantages are really great:

  • No need to prepare the baking pan with grease or cooking spray
  • No need to further handle the dough, as it already has the perfect thickness and shape
  • No clean-up after baking: you just remove the paper from the baking sheet - done!

Is the baking paper oven safe?

Yes, you can bake the baking paper with degrees up to 260°C

Why is the baking paper turning brown while baking?

Unlike some other baking papers, it is typical that this baking paper will get a little browner, for one reason as it is thinner than regular baking paper sheets. However, this does not impact the baked good sitting on it in any way.

General Questions

Where is the product made? Is it imported?

We have two production sites in the heart of Europe (in Austria and another site in Hungary).

What is that hard plastic disc inside the package?

It is a valve used to allow the product to “breathe.” This is necessary because real yeast is used in the dough. And to maintain the perfect environment for our yeast dough products, we’ve added specialized valves to the packaging to ensure your croissants and pizza crusts always rise up and bake to perfection.

What does the Keyhole logo mean?

Keyhole has been around for approx. 20 years and is well recognized by Swedish and Danish consumers. By setting criteria for certain food groups, Keyhole has made it easy to identify foods that contain less fat, salt, and sugar, and more whole grains and fiber. Products featuring the Keyhole label must meet the specific nutrition criteria set for that food group.

It says use by March 25th but I need to use it Easter Sunday the 27th. Will it still be okay by then?

Even if our dough does store very well in the refrigerator, we do not have any recommendations for storing and using it after the sell by date. It can still be good to use, however we cannot guarantee best baking results after the best before date.

Can I freeze the dough?

Unfortunately, we do not recommend freezing the dough. It may deter its best baking quality, especially since it is fresh dough. It does store very well in the refrigerator.

Can I freeze the dough after baking?

This is not recommended.

What is baking paper?

Baking paper, is traditionally being used in baking to both,

  • keep the pan clean
  • keep the baked goods from sticking to the pan.

Sometimes my kids want to help me in the kitchen. What fun and easy recipes do you suggest?

When your children want to help in the kitchen, that’s where the fun starts! It is surprisingly easy to use our doughs for family cooking events: just let them top their favorite ingredients on our pizza dough, or let them “hide” the chocolate bar when rolling up their breakfast croissant… Yum! You can find more easy and delicious treats on our recipe section: www.wewalka.at
Please always supervise young children in the kitchen, especially near the hot oven or sharp knives!

I have a big dinner invitation coming up and I'm looking for a really easy appetizer. Do you have any suggestions?

To prepare a big dinner invitation or even a casual gathering has never been easier. And with the dough rolled on a baking paper liner, you can cut down your preparation time immensely and clean-up is simple – leaving you more time with your guest and less time cleaning.
How about an appetizer that is ready to serve in less than 30 mins? Find real quick and delicious treats here: www.wewalka.at

When it’s party time, I rather want to mingle with my guests - and not be stuck in the kitchen. What party foods can I make ahead?

Preparing delicious, beautifully baked items has been a time-consuming challenge… until now. Wewalka Authentic Bakery Style Dough pairs convenience with traditional taste to help you bake up impressive results every time. And with the dough rolled on a baking paper liner, clean-up is simple – leaving you more time with your guest and less time cleaning. You can choose between so many options when it comes to make-ahead party foods… everything from pizza crackers, savoury filled croissants or bite-sized puff pastry parcels… You can find more inspiration in our recipe section: www.wewalka.at

The dough did not perform well during baking, the dinner was wasted.

We apologize for the unsatisfactory results. We realize it has been several days since you had the experiences, but if you are able to provide the identification numbers from the package, or ideally send us a photo, that would be helpful. We test each batch of product that leaves our facility and would like to be able to determine what could have caused unsatisfactory results.

Can I buy your dough online?

Your interest in our products is very important to us. At this time we do not ship our products, nor do we run an online store.

Can Puff Pastry dough be used for sweet or savory recipes?

Puff pastry is our “all-rounder” and can be used for delicious savory and sweet meals. Check out our recipe section for inspirations. www.wewalka.at

Can Shortcrust (Quiche) dough be used for sweet or savory recipes?

Shortcrust (Quiche) dough is our “all-rounder” and can be used for delicious savory and sweet meals. Check out our recipe section for inspirations. www.wewalka.at